Fragile and new.

detail of my new work

Another finished work.
Work in progress

Working on several embroidery/stitching pieces. They become more and more abstract..the materials are then more speaking by themselves. It's a slowly process. Love to work with fragile materials.
So what do you think ?

6 reacties:

  1. I love them! On paper? It's hard to work with, paper, no mistakes allowed!

  2. Truly beautiful! Stephie x

  3. Ok a serious talk: the work is beautiful! the colors are bold and bright and the i love the abstract pattern. Is it a paper you've worked on? so- how you manage to do it so prefect?!! mmmm , xx :-)

  4. Very beautiful and delicate, love the abstract pattern and colour combination.

  5. die eerste
    heel fijn!

    P.S. mijn ´geluksvogel´ is geborduurd op papier en dat viel me niet mee, wel heel fijn om te doen

  6. Dear Kathryn,nice to read your compliment and indeed no mistakes..well I had to start over..luckily once :)

    Dear Stephie,thank you!

    Hello dear Hagar,thnx for the compliment.Well,sometimes I have to start over :)'s a slow slow process.

    Dear Sandra, thank you for visiting my work and I'm glad you like it!

    Hai Patrice,..dank..ik zal 'ns kijken naar je geluksvogel :)


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