Give away...2 years now !!

Dear friends,it's been two years since I started blogging. October 2009, a few months after my parents were deceased. Basically everything to restart and see how I would like it. Working in my studio and a job 3 days a week... ..continue where I left off and more. My last exhibition was in 2008 in Berlin and I suddenly one again in 2010.So I continued, even started my own shop!

This happened also because of you!
I want to thank everyone for commenting,support and all the lovely words I received !
Also the people who take time to read my blog,the followers etc.
Thank you very much,lovely people !!

Time for a give-away...I thought of my photoworks.
You can choose between photoworks Untitled #11,#13 or #18
Go to my shop  and there you can see the photoworks I mentioned.Click on the picture and you can read about it.
Sign up with the number of your choice and why,ok?
Next Saturday the 22 nd of October I will end the give-away.
xxx Ingrid

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  1. It's a lovely thing to be able to join up through the blogging world across this beautiful planet. And I enjoy meeting some part of you Thank YOU! xswink

  2. Dag Ingrid,
    De eerste keer dat ik je blog opende was ik zó verrast, de naam van blog dekte precies de lading: een ware snack voor je oog! Ik vind het geweldig en word steeds weer blij van je composities en kleuren.
    Dat kleine voorwerpen betekenisvol worden en een lust zijn voor het oog. Dus, dank! Liefs Paulien

  3. Congrats to two years! Glad I've been able to see your work grow so much in the past year since I've known you. You come so far and I agree how wonderful it is to have online friends for support. ps- I love ALL of those photos, how can you make one choose a favorite?!

  4. a whle lot going on, not?
    how lovely to share...
    would love to partake.
    know what?
    YOU pick!
    you got taste, sista!

  5. Hi Ingrid,

    Congratulations on two years - that's great!

    You are so positive about things. It's really great to read that even though things have been hard that you have managed to find the silver lining and continue with your beautiful work.

    I love all of the prints but I think that i would have to say that #13 is my favourite. I love the little spoons!

    Hugs to you and thanks for sharing,
    Stephie x

  6. @ Hello dear Swinkie,Thank you for your lovely words..time flies and it's a pleasure :-)

    @ Hallo lieve Paulien,Jij ook dankjewel voor je mooie woorden en het volgen van mijn berichtjes.Ik hoop dat ik je nog lang blij kan maken met mijn blog!

    @ Hi dear Kathryn,I agree,at first my work was a bit 'try to get back on track' but now I picked up my "red thread" again.It was good to realize that I've started two years ago with picking up where I left. Thanks for your support,the past two years!

    @ Hi dear Nadine,jij ook bedankt voor je fijne mailtjes en support.Grinnik,hoop dat dit nog lang doorgaat.Jaja,Veel gebeurd ondertussen ...
    Ok,dan zal ik de keuze maken..vind ikzelf best moeilijk!

    @ Hi dear Stephie,that's nice that you know your favourite ;-) And thank you for commenting and reading my blog!
    In Dutch the silver lining means the "red thread" so it was nice to read this expression of yours!


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