What a treat!

This made me smile :)
I know she's not working alone but what an idea to do this.
When i'm thinking of making or even a few pieces to help..it cost's me months!
Her name is Magda Sayeg ,founder of the original knit graffity crew Knittaplease
I'm a bit jealous of the people who live in Austin,Texas. What a treat to see this bus driving through the streets!

The world would look a lot happier if all cars had a knitted jacket,don't you think?

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  1. How great! I agree, the world would be a lot happier!

  2. Elke dag zo'n bus tegenkomen op straat... een gedachte waar ik vrolijk van word! :)

  3. thanks!!! you made my day!!!!
    I wish you a happy week,


  4. and why not!! yes to more joy and laughs!

  5. I would love to ride on this bus!!

  6. This bus makes me feel like giving him a good hug - so cute and colorful. My favorite are the wheels off course ...;-)

  7. Thnx for all your comments.My computer did a bit strange so it too me a while to comment.I'm sorry!


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