Conscious use of materials,Doreen Westphal

Doreen Westphal in her studio.
All products designed by Doreen Westphal.
Lamp: Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers
Made from Ultra High Performance Concrete (Quantz)
I immediately fell in love with this curtain !
It's wonderfull made of concrete.
A few weeks ago I did ask her that question when I visited her studio while she was working on something new. We are neighbours so it isn't that far travelling :)
But I was curious,why concrete ?
Well,her answer was quite simple...
It takes less energy to produce than porcelain and therefore better for the environment
 Very surprised of the answer and so her conscious use of materials, I had to let you know....
( She also make/mixes the concrete herself )
How she makes it you can read here

Outside this what I show here,she has designed many more products.
Take a look here Doreen Westphal Studio

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  1. gosh! its really beautiful : ) som many inspiring people out there ...

  2. Wow I am glad you asked and shared. i am inspired!

  3. two things.
    1. i love how you show us what intrigues you in the world, because i find i always really like what you discover anyway.
    2. i also loved the little postcard suggested in the you-might-also-like link below your posts. it happened to hold the love one i bought! nice to see it again, unexpected like so, while at work... psssssssssstttttttt....

  4. A woman after my own heart. A wonderful peek into another world. Beautiful curtain!

  5. @ will tell Doreen,when I see her and I'm glad you'll like it!

    @Nadine..:-) :-0 :-))


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