Needle and thread,pictures and rain.

Searching the perfect red color.
Nearly finished.
Old picture.
'Celebrate summer, it is raining again' nearly finished.

9 july there was Open Studio at our building, in the evening a streetart event called "Hidden beauty" in an old factory. (Sorry,it's in Dutch)Here some pictures of works that were exhibited in a beautiful old factory. I'm not really a fan of streetart but a lover of old factories.

3 reacties:

  1. Dear Ingrid,
    the embroidery work looks beautifil(is it on paper?), waiting for the finale result.
    The pick is so mooi. Is it you?:-)
    The event looks very nice..and the building is beautiful- lucky you!!!

  2. I love those reds all in a row....

  3. @ Dear Hagar,thank you,yes this is on paper..i'm not sure how i will finish it.No it's my sister.I put her on a invitation for an exhibition :-)

    @ Hi Karen,'s very difficult to choose the right red.


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