Art and shop from Ana Ventura

I really like these charming pieces of illustration and papercutting.
The lady who creates them is Ana Ventura and she lives in Portugal.

As some of you know, i'm a lover of flowers,they refesh and make you happy.
That's why i'm totally chrushed when i saw these adorable slippers 
( chinelo in Portugese), made by Theresa Cunha.

Available at the shop of Ana Ventura right here
Aren't these all treasures or not?

I also want to thank Pepperstitches,she wrote a beautiful piece about my work on  the 28 of June!
She is making take a look.

9 reacties:

  1. wat een blije vrolijke post
    een goed begin van de dag!


  2. OH am in LOVE with those slippers! and Ana's work is always beautiful!

  3. @ Patrice..ja dat had ik nou ook :)
    @ Kristen..i hope we are not in love with the same pair ;)

  4. very charming creations indeed! love the flower ladies : )

  5. Oh wow - just looooove those little shoezies! they are ace. Gorgeous feature. Will check out Ana's shop now! x

  6. Dear Ingrid,
    I love Ana Ventura work, and those slippers are so adorable..:-)
    Great post on Pepperstitches- happy for you!...:-)

  7. Such gorgeous pieces. I am off to visit Pepperstitches. Happy weekend, Stephie x

  8. @ Dear Demie,Ana Ventura made a lot more beautiful things :)

    @inaluxe(Kristina).So nice of you to visit here.It's a long time ago ;)thanx!

    @hello dear Hagar,..those slippers makes you greedy :) and thnx..lovely of you to be happy for me!

    @ Dear Stephie..oh are you living in the same place? I didn't know :)

  9. oh those sweet slipper shoes! lovely x


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