Today i made this.


Today was the alternation of learning from books and placing and replacing small treasures.
It's nice to look at small beautiful treasures,it makes me quiet in my head..
Small,found on the street,bought at a flea market,inherited or sometimes made by hand
because it fits so well!

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  1. lovely treasures!
    and your website!!- just great- i have to do my own, i should have done it ages ago butbutbut- maybe i got some energy from yours :)
    take care dear!

  2. This indeed is a calming + charming image... - thanks for stopping by at Gerdiary...

  3. What a sweet little collection. The colors are so cheerful. I love putting together little collections too. There is something so therapeutic about it.

  4. Ingrid, I love these compositions they are always so effective and thought provoking. There is a book I thought you may like, it is called ''a collection a day'' and it is by the people who publish the magazine my article was in, ''uppercase''. Take a look. Thanks for the lovely words about my magazine feature too, I really appreciate them. Karen

  5. @ Ritva..thanks..that you also like my website..i wondered if somebody would look at it did!
    It's not finished will be soon.Did you've got energy from it? How lovely!

    @ Jacilyn..maybe you're right about the therapeutic side of it.For me..i have to my head isn't thinking anymore ;)

    @You're welcome Ger. It was a pleasure to look at your work!

    @ Karen..thnks for the tip i will gonna search for the book!! I'm also glad you like this one!

  6. Beautiful treasures- I love your small collection's photos...and meeting again the bold red with the light blue...:-)

  7. @ thanks again dear Hagar :)

  8. Beautiful arrangement. Love the colours too.


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