Package ...

My dog Limuna
i'm still blowin' away when i look at our "holiday poppies"

A few days ago, i ordered a wooden mold to make my handmade envelopes much quicker.
Today i got my's always so nice to get post..hmm like presents 
(even thought i bought them by myself ;))
I got it from Post papier enzo (i'm sorry it's in Dutch)  i even got a wooden pen with it..thanx Anita!
It makes it more difficult for me ..i'm a bit restless because i have to study..i have to do 2 exams from my work (i work 3 days a week)
 But i have so many ideas since i'm back from holiday's frustrating...i can't concentrate.
Yesterday i was running up and down stairs, 15 minutes reading,running upstairs to look if i maybe have some stuff to create my ideas,running downstairs because i had to learn .
Completely restless,chaotic...
At the end of the day it felt like nothing had completed!
So this morning i started early,so i could treat myself afterwards ;)
Hmm, my sushi book,flowers are always things that give me some rest in my head.
Love the pictures in that book,the simple styling and delicacy! (hmm,my treat of today ;)

Well, i'm going to study again ..wish me luck!

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  1. I hate those moments when you feel stretched thin doing too many things at once. The nice thing is you know everything will settle soon and you can focus again!

  2. here goes;
    that sushi book looks a bit like anja mulders' work, from afar; your dog is cute; the envelope model must be unbelievably handy and restlessness... mhm... never easy to put one's mind to study, especially in these summery t°...
    wishing you a bunch of good luck, as in flowers!

  3. Limuna is a beauty, the poppy field photos are wonderful, and inspiration somtimes coming in a surprising moments...:-)

  4. leuk idee, zo'n vormpje om enveloppen te maken! ik dacht eerst dat het een wel heel speciale enveloppe was, maar nu zie ik 't. Heel veel succes met de examens. Moeilijk met dit mooie weer en al die afleiding, maar het lukt vast wel!

  5. embrace the chaos! when you have ideas they will come out weather it is good timing or bad -no?

    Life will settle and you will be the richer for it.
    the photos are beautiful you really captured Limuna's character :)

  6. @ KathrynClark..i hope so :)
    @ Woolf..thx and i know the work of Anja Mulder but i didn't put a link with my sushi book but now you say so...

    @ Hagar..thank're right always in surprising/hectical moments ;)

    @ enveloppen maakte ik eerst zelf..had een mal van papier gemaakt(te lui om het op hout te doen :) dit gaat sneller. are speaking out of experience- no? Thx for the compliment About the picture of Limuna.


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