One week at this beautiful island !

First ,thanks for all the emails i received ,asking if everything was ok with me.
It touched me,so much concern....thanks lovely friends!
But indeed i was very very tired so we decided to stay at a friends place.
What a delightful place!!
Some of you already know that i am fond of poppies..
We had no better place to choose....thousands of poppies,deep red,fields full.
Just unbelieveable!
I took many pictures of this delicate flower but i will only show a few : )
Hmm,we had not such beautiful weather but i enjoyed every minute of our week on this island.
I hope you enjoy the pictures...and slowly i go back to work and try not to go too fast in the hectic of everyday life !
Hearing the sound of the sea,visiting little restaurants and having dinner at sea..hmmm
And thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous was a delight to read  them when i came home :-)
By the way this island is now you know it's not only a party island ....

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  1. Zo mooi, die klaprozen.

  2. wow these are gorgeous! what a treat to have a whole week in such a beautiful spot!

  3. je kunt aan de foto's
    de rust zien
    fijn, fijn!
    en die klaprozen....

  4. Oh so very beautiful. Those poppies are amazing. It sounds like you got a much needed rest and what a perfect place to do that.

  5. @ Sophie..ja mooi hè.

    @Kristen..indeed it was a treat that we could stay at our friends house.

    @Patrice..ja de rust..het geluid van de zee en de kleuren van de klaprozen die zijn toch echt anders dan hier. was indeed a perfect place..hmm but very short :)

  6. oh wow wow wow this looks so amazing!

  7. Oh, poppies! I love poppies! There is nothing like seeing fields of them. What a beautiful spot... how blissful! One should come back from such a vacation... slowly...very slowly!

  8. too right, take it slow, honey.
    a sniff or two in those fiery red poppy heads should calm you down, if life gets weary, or tiresome.
    by the way, i see a lot of sea in your pictures... you are a true cv-er this week, you know? ;))) X

  9. your photos looks wonderfull!
    thanks and happy day

  10. @ Amy..and now i'm inspired by poppies ;)

    @Sally..thnx..i take it slow..well i try to take it slow..

    @ Nadine...haha..a cv-er..and i saw a lot of sea everywhere i looked but no poppies ;)

    @ Lise..thnk you.I wish you also a happy day!

  11. wow! how beautiful. sounds like a perfect time.

  12. you must have had a real vacation!
    that red color! really incredible!

    have a great weekend too!

  13. @ thanks for visiting was perfect!

    @ Ritva..The red color..i never saw it this way..i was on time in Ibiza. Not too dry :)

  14. it looks so beautiful!!


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