Love the artwork of Cybèle Young.

Her observations of the small objects are very special.
Well, if you know now that all these works are made from Japanese paper and some with copperplate etchings too!
What are you thinking ...
I really love her poetic,miniature sculptural works!!
If you are curious look here

(by the on the pictures to enlarge)

6 reacties:

  1. Hee tante flappie, heb je deze al gezien?
    Elke dag een 5x5 cm schilderijtje om de dag mooi mee te beginnen:

    Leuk! xx

  2. Yes, such a great artist! I love her little sculptures on her website.

  3. Love this mini-scale -art, looks so fragile...
    The colors she using are beautiful...the last work is my favorite- so beautiful....

  4. Hej Sophie..long time no see ;).bedankt voor de tip!

    @ Jacilyn..indeed the sculptures on her website are fantastic!

    @ Hi Hagar,me too..but she has also some wonderfull drawings!

  5. Love that artist! I'm going to check out your work more now...I came to you through a comment you made to Kathryn Clark.


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