Tryouts,old drawings & boxes.

A little restless last few days.Tried something else.Tried to work.
Have found old drawings of myself whose existence i had forgotten.
I had a lot of criticism of my own drawings,especially the colors .

My love for boxes, i don't know why..i just do.

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  1. I love those colors- very bold! It's nice to find old work you had forgotten about- time always gives things a different light- sometimes for the better other times not so much :)
    I always find color so moody- depending on where I'm at in life.
    PS love the box

  2. Dat onderste blikje is prachtig, wat zat er in?

  3. never mind the colours, i'd say.
    but the eye-snacks is in there....

  4. i agree with kristen- and thanks for sharing those works with us!

  5. Yes,it's true what you write was a time where i did a lot from photoworks,drawings till writing songs and perform.Thanks for giving me these indicates !

    Hoi Elianne,er zaten 2e handse knopen in.Maar ik weet nog toen ik het zag dat ik ook heel benieuwd was wat er in zou zitten ;) Zelf denk ik tabak.

    Hi Nadine,huh you're right.I exhibited these drawings also with my photo-installation called
    eye-snacks and it was the intention of my exhibition to release my seriousness.I felt free at that time.How about that :)

    Hi Ritva,yes Kirsten was right.It was just a little hard for me to realize this piece and to place it in the right context.I was so free at that time,you know why,i think.

  6. beautiful series of drawing...its always interesting to look at older work...
    Beautiful box...:-)

  7. Love your use of line and colour. I hope you don't mind, I have included one of your lovely pieces in a flickr photoset on fourleaves :) x

  8. I love these moments of uncertainty since it means you're about to have a shift and make something wonderful from it. I've been having these moments too lately. Hang in there!

  9. Thank you,Hagar.

    Hi Julie,it fits beautiful in those lovely colors,thank you !

    I hope i make something wonderful from it :)Kathryn but i don't like the uncertainty,but you're right,there is something brewing.

  10. I love the rich bold colors you have used! Gorgeous.


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