Astonishing stuff of Frederique Morrel !!

I really like this!
Sometimes it's amazing how people come to ideas :)
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8 reacties:

  1. wow! I love the deer's pink tail!

  2. oh la la... dit is right up our street... inspirerend voor de plannen die ik heb met de paar gobelins die onder in de kast liggen wachten op attentie...
    lieve groet uit b.
    ingrid, ik schrijf je!!! (ik wéét het, ik wéét het, je bent geduldig)...

  3. love it!
    thanks dear for sharing this!

  4. These are really amazing!!!
    Lovely tail and gesture of the deer.
    And, 798 is a nice place.
    Thanks for your visit :)

  5. Beautiful! I love positions of all animals,,,and a soft spot for the dog...:-)


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