Wonderful old piece .

I got this beautiful old tablecloth from my deceased mother in law.
(sorry for the terrible pictures)
Filled with spots of delicious eating together at the table.
The flowers are so beautifully made,so refined !
For weeks,i am thinking of what i will do with this wonderful piece of work.
It is a shame to cut up this table cloth but on the other hand it's not useful any more.
Hmm, i let it sink in for a while : )

 I was  very happy to get this magnolia branch of our neighbour.
He said that the heyday was over but everything was still in bud.
And look one, opened up!

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  1. so so pretty. i have a few old family bits and pieces - hard to throw out - need to think how to re-use. perhaps your mother in law in sending a message through that magnolia blossom.....

  2. wat een fijn kleed!
    en juist prachtige die foto's met dat licht

  3. This old table cloth is a beautiful.
    I love old things that holding memories from the past. Good luck with this project...:-)

  4. i was drawn here by your brilliant name..eye snacks! so glad i cam over. these embroidered flowers are gorgeous, threadbare and all...would be nice framed as a collection.

  5. Thank you all,lovely people :)
    I'm still thinking about it and indeed Milady i also thought on framing a part of it and the orther part re-using for postcards.


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