Vintage & handmade.

Yesterday i updated our little shop and when i saw all these lovely fresh colors together
it made me very proud.
I may do a little advertising,right?
If you have an etsy shop and a lot of people do ,then you have more advertising, i think.
So i have to do it by myself :)
And i'm curious how web shops arrive in magazines ?
Should you write to a magazine or does somebody pointed this out?
But let me be honest it's pretty fun if your store gets some attention.
But anyway, i'll do it this way.
I must not dwell too much on it just keep making stuff.
(Oh and before i forget, it's also possible to pay with paypal now but first you have to mail me)
The name of our little shop is Once in a blue moon....spread the word :-)

I wish you a wonderful the sun is shining..spring..yes,yes my favourite time of the year!

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  1. Beautiful!!!!!the colors are fresh and inviting.
    I don't know how you can reach magazine. May be writing them...:-?
    I will definitely spread the words,- SUCCESS!

  2. good luck with the shop Ingrid. I agree that it is easy to get lost in all the other shops on etsy. Don't have any tips either I'm afraid. If I knew how to get my shop known better i would be doing it now!!

  3. @ Hagar..Thanks!!It's nice to see that you like it!
    @Hi Karen..You're on etsy..oh but you have a lot of customers..i saw.Good for you!

  4. hello ingrid! I have just started my own little etsy shop. so exciting. i feel proud too. but alas, no customers.... yet..... i'm not sure what to do either...

  5. Hee, ik heb een suikerbus met die leuke silhouetten! Mooi zijn ze he!


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