Poppy day


Today it felt like **Poppy day **
The early sun and everything looks new in this light.
People are more enthusiastic as if something is going to happen.
In the Netherlands this is the first official spring day!

Last year i took this photograph and it always makes me very happy when i look at this poppy.
Love the red against the blue sky.
Soon we are back on the terraces : )

3 reacties:

  1. big smile on my face once I saw this beautiful picture:-)wonderful spring colors.

  2. prachtig!!!
    alles wat vrienderlijker
    in de eerste lentezon
    zo fijn!
    en het blijft nog de hele week zo
    zeggen ze


  3. thanks dear friends :-)
    and i think you are right Patrice..today the sun is already shining a little bit ..oh so lovely ;)


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