Some reds & flower petals.

# 16


# 17

 Too busy with my administration and i'm not good at it.
And why at this time i have always the best ideas ever, which i want to start straightaway ;)
 Does someone recognize this ?
Ok,just a little ...oh and it's so beautiful outside ..

4 reacties:

  1. i am joining your club, love! i'm a bad ass at admin myself these days; hell, i'm even worse at replying e-mails which i promise... you know what i mean?
    about the image, well, heuh, ... do not immediately recognize. bad at that too... oi, oi, oi.

  2. haha,Nadine..met herkennen bedoel het vluchtgedrag.
    Juist als ik de admin moet doen dan krijg ik giga veel ideeen ;)

  3. Oh..I absolutely love your "small-collections" photos!
    The red color is so bright, almost orange- beautiful!


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