Made new postcards .

Today i photographed some handmade postcards.
Haven't been able to put them in our shop,yet but it will happen soon..i promise :-)
I like them and the idea that you never find the same again.
And of course that i've made them with care & love :-)
You get an envelope with it..a handmade from Laura Ashley vintage wall paper so you can send it in a beautiful vintage way.
I often get the question if you can write on the back course it's a postcard !!
You also can put some of them in a frame for instance this one below.

 They are fresh looking aren't they ?

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  1. They all look fresh and beautiful and also very soft...are they?
    I love the one with the box and the little label coming with it...:-) mooi

  2. oh these are lovely! They are very cozy and comforting (one or two remind me of the bedspreads/covers that my nana had in her house) and would be welcome in my letterbox.vI can imagine getting one from a missed loved one and feeling happy. :)

  3. I love these! I bet anyone would love getting one of these in the mail!

  4. fresh looking? how 'bout bloomin' wonderful??? mag ik postkaart 1 reserveren, sinds ze nog niet in je shop zit? ik vind ze sprekend, weet al waar ze komt... nee, ik verstuur ze nergens naar, dat ga jij doen, naar hier! ;)
    let me know how much and etc, ... or you could pop over?

  5. o wow,such positive it!
    Just when i needed it(sneezy,snotty)..thank you all :)

    @Hagar..yes they are soft :) and i see that you've learned another dutch word..good!

    @Nadine..oh thanx..i will mail you..what a surprise!

  6. fresh and hot! they make me think of summer love... :).
    i've been wanting to tell you also that your thread drawings on paper (shown on your website) are just wonderful. i especially love the raindrops one.
    hope you are feel better soon!

  7. zo mooi! ik zou er een wand van willen vullen :) ze zijn samen ook zo leuk! x

  8. Ik vind ze allemaal zo ontzettend mooi. De kleuren zijn echt prachtig bij elkaar!

  9. @Redredday..hi Mies..So nice that you've take time to look at my website!I think because of your own roots you understand the raindrops??

    @ Hej Sophie...dankjewel voor het compliment :)..goed idee van die wand,eigenlijk niet aan gedacht.

    @@ thx andere Sophie :)


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