These little wonders have no words.




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  1. Ingrid, this 3 photos are stunning! I love the colors,the light, the compositions, wonderful work!!!

  2. no. that's true. they do speak for themselves. i'm into the shaker!!!!

  3. oh,thank you Hagar! I wasn't sure about these so the feedback is very appreciated!

    @ Woolf ..what means i'm into the shaker?

  4. I love these photos. Okay, if we're choosing objects to be .. I'm the wrinkled brown paper. Nice composition!

  5. I am very curious about the light blue shell- does it open...??
    Lovely compositions and choice of objects :)

  6. @ Kathryn..haha..i'm the salt shaker and now i know what Woolf meant with i'm inot the shaker :)

    @ Kristen..Happy to meet you ! Yes,the light blue shell does open and..there is a little pearl in it.Thank you for your compliments!


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