Vintage update & blog award

This week-end i updated the shop with some "new" vintage stuff, 2 really lovely books and some canisters.( i think you call them that way in Englisch )

And last week i received a  'stylish blog award ' from Amy of Rain and Shine
Well, i was just changing bits of my blog..a woman needs some change once in a while ;)
so it was really a surprise and i like surprises very much :)
Thank you Amy !
I let it settle a bit so i know what i can write about,ok?

3 reacties:

  1. and so nice to discover yours!

  2. congratulations ingrid!
    both of the award and the new stuff- books look really interesting.
    take care, hugs!

  3. @'re welcome !

    @ Ritva...thank you Ritva..i wish i could paint like Picasso and stitching like Frans Molenaar;)


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