Finished works.

Finished work.
Finished work., originally uploaded by eyesnacks.
I let this one for a while ..i had to think about it.. Yes, it's finished. I'm glad that i made this decision about this work now it is ok for me :)
New work.
detail of the work.
 This stitched photograph you can better see  it in doesn't work to show at the computer,I think..too subtile :)
And still busy with my website ..figuering out how it works or how i want to built some pages.It's odd because i had an idea..wrote it on paper and in the meantime it starts to change..or it's not nice to see.
I have faith that it will be looking just fine after a while and of course with help from Hagar ;)

So this week-end i have to think and try things for my website..(i'm excited about it ).

** Nice week-end everyone**

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  1. I really do love this piece! It is hard to say sometimes when something is finished, I think it's perfect just now.

  2. you are getting a website...that is so exciting!! and I love this piece, I saw it on flickr too.

  3. wow, are they metal stitches? Wonderful work! Good luck with the website.

  4. @ Kathryn & Karen..thx..yes indeed it's also on Flickr.

    @ they are no metal stitches but it looks like that indeed from a distance (also when you see it in real)

  5. wow, this stitched photograph is quit amazing... I love also the new embroidery work- beautiful colors....

  6. @ Hermine..oh dankjewel :) Jij mailt dat niet zo vaak dus dan weet ik ook dat je het ècht mooi vind.Fijn!

    @'s very slow and precise work.


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