Inspiration from my worktable.

My previous studio.

Today  i had to improvise ..i think my camera is broke.
This week i took a lot of 'strange' pictures (shots) but when i wanted to upload it on my blog it stuck.
Several times i re-charged the battery of the camera but it remains empty. So maybe i have to buy a new battery  :(

But i'm really glad that i have a couple of new followers ;)
Welcome, i hope you enjoy !
One of them bought a ceramic pudding mold at my shop,she is very happy with it and that's always nice to hear !
 She posted it on Lots of lili  with a recipe of Lemon Bavarian she made with it.
And i was very happy that  the post delivered it unbroken!
I have visions that they sometimes throw packages in their truck :)
Thank you,Leonie !

What do you think of my dog ?
Hmm,she lies there as a princess, i know.....
But when you hear that she was mistreated and before she didn't dare to walk outside....terrible..
Fearful of the rustling sound of leaves...trembling.
 She's much better now....playing in the woods also with other dogs!
I have her for 1 1/2 year now ( she's 4 ,i'm the 3rd owner) and she's so grateful....

Have a nice week-end ,all of you and don't get sick!
 I'm  very snotty and trying not to get sick...

5 reacties:

  1. Your dog is gorgeous! Good to hear she finally found a loving home. And love the little details around the studio, a peek into your world which looks lovely.

  2. Je hond ligt er zo fijn bij, door het goed thuis dat ze heeft, denk ik zo, ;-)

    Van je eerste twee foto's word ik enorm blij; dat blauw, dat groen, voelt als lente, fijn!

    (En dank voor je fijne commentaar.
    Het doen(!) was het leukste.)

  3. ik hoop voor je dat het inderdaad je batterij is..

  4. i think your dog has got the most wonderful name. and although i don't know you very well, 't feels like she/he's suiting you just fine! ;)

  5. thanks you all..lovely people i wish my dog could sniff a bit..smelling who you are ;)


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