** EYE-SNACKS ** work in progress.

6 of these cups and saucers ..look in the shop

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  1. love these colours!
    work in progress - one of the best things that i know :)
    let´s enjoy!

  2. love your embroidery work so much! and these photos are fun fun fun!

  3. thank you for your words ! :)
    I like your work, very inspiring !
    have a sweet sunday

  4. hiya been a little while; thought i'd pop in and say 'hiya'. so hiya! love your works on paper in previous post. happy stitching...

  5. Hi Ritva, yes indeed that's the most exciting proces :)

    Inalux..thnks..i'm flattered.

    I.S..oh that's nice that my work is i'm honoured.

    Hi Linda,yes long time no read..but it's ok..i'm very busy myself and i just could'nt
    get behind the computer.

    so for all of you lovely people sorry that my reactions are so late but after this week-end i will have new post!!

  6. lovely colours and beautiful work. It looks like you have settled in nicely in your new studio.

  7. thank you's always nice to read this :)


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