Just some glimpses.

Work on paper
Book i bought at A.puur A.

Book next week in the shop
A fascination for lines.

Vintage tiles.
Work on paper.

No words this time ..i'm into a visual period :)

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  1. Lovely use of red and those line shadows are wonderful. They are some of the most beautiful tiles I have seen. :)

  2. Thank you Julie for your comment on my work..i appreciate it! Yes, those tiles..i was in love at first sight ;)

  3. I love the top image Ingrid, it's amazing...

  4. Love your new work! So free and spirited. What is that book of the twine sandals? That looks incredibly interesting!

  5. Hi Karen and Kathryn,thx that you both like my new work !With the first work i tried not to think but to let me inspire from the materials and colors by themselves.But it was not that easy.
    It's difficult to let go.

    Kathryn,that book with twine sandals is an acid-free paper notebook.I felt that i could work in this book :) very inviting...

  6. :-) the stitches and colours are so sweet x

  7. :-) thank you Amy..nice to see you here again!

  8. i REALLY like your work on paper, ingrid. it's secretive, i find. intriguing.

  9. Thanks Nadine! Sometimes i think it's my asian background which is popping up ;)


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