Snow and threads.

Love snow with a bit of shunshine.
The air is special,the sounds are different.

Finished this one. Well, i have to iron it :)
While stitching this piece i felt those cotton threads going easily into the fabric also that part of the woolen thread. Yes, memories of my mother,how she bent over her piece of fabric.
The bad light on her working table and....we had to be quiet...she had no studio.

work in progress 2010

This i'm working on now.It looks a bit yellow but the surface is the same as above.
I did this because it's hard to photograph the red,now it's the right color red but if i make the surface as above the red looks a bit purple :(
A totally different color.
Regret,that it now looks not so fresh!

5 reacties:

  1. Weer erg mooi! Vooral je laatste project. Ben jaloers op je kunsten :)

  2. Hoi,

    Fijn werk Ingrid.
    Ik wil ook!
    Ik wil ook....

  3. What a lovely red with a tiny bit of orange in it. They are wonderfully balanced compositions

  4. @Lisa..thkx..i'm just in doubt because for me it's also a balanced composition..maybe it's enough and have to stay this way...minimal.

  5. Beautiful work! lovely to read your thought process around your work too.


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