Little moments...

I'm still moving stuff from my old to my new studio.
Painting the walls because it's an old classroom.
I also put some stuff in my house,the studio where I'm going is much smaller than before.
And a little confused because everything is in boxes.
My dog keeps watching me, find me a bit strange and smells at everything I bring home.
Today we have two tough,old industrial sewing machines to move.
Many stairs,too many stairs.

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  1. O man dat is sjouwen!! Succes enne ik vind je hond geweldig!

  2. good luck with the move. the positive side is that you can have a clean slate. throw out what you don't need and start again with a a fresh canvas. emotionally as well as creatively. i have boxes that i never seem to get round to sorting....

  3. Fijne post en mooie sfeerfoto's.
    En ach, die hondenogen!

  4. Your dog is adorable! I can't wait to see the photos of your studio when it's done. Did you find any strange little writings on the walls from former students? I love little things like that!

  5. I love the photos - they are so beautiful. Your dog has the prettiest nose! :) I love dog noses - they are so intricate, and have the best shapes. Sounds like exciting adventure time. Good luck with moving the machines. I really look forward to seeing it all come together! xo have a fabulous weekend.. Kristina

  6. thanx you all! Nice to read the comments when I painted walls all day;)

    Yes, my doggy Limuna has a wonderful's a bit flexible..and her eyes are hard to resist!

  7. too cute! what a gorgeous dog x I'm off to paint walls too seeya!

  8. hello limuna! and hello ingrid! be careful moving those machines! not 1, but 2?! oh my. i know how heavy they are, so take it easy and reward yourself at the end.

  9. hope everything went well-
    ps. your dog is super cute!

  10. boxes!
    try boxes at friend's and family, in different places as such, and not knowing when you'll get back to them.
    i wish you happy days in your new surroundings...
    klokketroen, huh? wat hemels!!!!


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