Beautiful atmosphere.

 Yesterday and today were the painting-walls-days. I'm so glad that I finished it today! I couldn't paint more!
Limuna, my dog ,is white but now I've painted the walls white,Limuna seems yellow :)
The boxes of stuff,materials stood eyeing me..I opened a few. Just to see my materials and some stuff I've already done in the closet.Probably will still be changed.

At the end of the day the evening sun appeared in my studio I felt so happy...such a beautiful light.
Sitting on my couch(probably will still be changed) I was enjoying the atmosphere,listening to the new
ambient sounds and looking at the clock tower.

Yes, a clean slate....

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  1. oh yes! i love the new paint smell and the light streaming through your window is beautiful.

  2. Found you through Jasmin, and so glad I did. Once in a while I stumble upon blogs where I find myself just nodding and thinking "Yes, I know, I know, that's how it is..." Always makes me happy, thinking that there are "more like me". Hope I don't sound raving mad now :)
    If you don't mind, I will follow!

  3. Ahh we have been painting too. It is wonderful when it is all done and oh so worth it. Beautiful photos you have been taking in this post and next.

  4. Heerlijk dat gevoel van tevredenheid en nieuwheid en je eigen spullen en moe zijn..heerlijk. Vol nieuwe kansen..geniet er van!

  5. You are all such nice people! Thanx for the support!

    @ Lilly..welcome.I will look on your blog also,thx for following :)

  6. good luck!
    and yes, enjoy!


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