A little glimpse of my home.

Out of Marrocan flutes we made lamps and in the evening you can see a nice pattern on the wall.
And honestly we are proud of it..we found those flutes at the fleamarket.

Look at little Dagobert Duck in the window,every morning when I make my coffee, he waves 'Goodmorning"

The cupboard was white but I was wondering what was underneath.
The only thing that is finished is the kitchen...we ary lazy renovators ;-)

5 reacties:

  1. Oh, wauw, je huis ziet er fantastisch uit !

  2. what a wonderful kitchen. and a great blog. am following you now! greetings from australia.

  3. ja het lijkt me ook fantastich

  4. Thx..but we still are busy with renovating..it's a long term project.

  5. we are lazy renovators too! love the lamps you made. i bet the pattern is beautiful at night.


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