The envelope project ..i'm still working on :-)

It is so great to do!! I'm gonna bit crazy because everywhere where I find little things ,..immediatly it bumps to my head "something for the envelope" It's really growing big now,my envelope ,maybe a bit too heavy? So I'm busy with a lot of things :-)
Can you imagine that someone get's all the envelopes???  I wil make pictures when my envelope is ready to send. Here some pictures of the project that I participate in...

I just loaded only these contents of envelopes but I can go on for hours.Like little stories in an envelope !!
I like this sooooooooooo much !!


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  1. Wauw, wat ziet dat er jummie uit! Wat voor project is dit? Wordt er erg nieuwsgierig van...

  2. Klik maar rechts op het plaatje 'the envelope project'
    Ja,echt hè wordt er heeeeel erg nieuwsgierig van.


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