Sitting in my Studio...

For the first time since.... I went to my Studio..just sat over there and made the first picture.
Thinking,looking and remembering.
The second picture,embroidery on cotton, is at my little shop and at Galerie Tydeman in Eindhoven.
Which are representing the House of Talents.

The Dutch Design Week 2013 in Eindhoven has started.

So maybe I can take some pictures what's happening in Eindhoven.
 ( If I feel ok ..this I have to mention because I have good and bad days after loosing my partner in a shortly period.)

4 reacties:

  1. Heel begrijpelijk! Alles op z'n tijd... x

    1. ja, kan nog niet zo goed tegen drukte...kom wel.xx Ingrid

  2. Good to know to that you went to the studio. Love your work!
    Dutch design week sound so tempting...Do you recommend something in particular?

  3. Oh sorry, Hagar..I didn't do much at my computer..
    Dutch Design Week was very busy but I only went to a few things. It was too busy for me.xx Ingrid


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