Celebrate with a give away !

So happy ..my computer is restored !  I had another crash,this Sunday. Ok, these things happpen but I was a little bit in panic :-) So let's celebrate with these signs made by me.
Everywhere they pop up. Big,small,different colors....Later on these signs will also pop-up in my little shop but for now only as a give away.
The winner will be chosen randomly next Wednesday and if you also "like" my facebook page you're in twice! Let me know which color you like.

7 reacties:

  1. Oh, leuk... ik doe graag mee, voor de roze ;o) en ik "like" je al op facebook...

  2. Gaaf! Ik waag ook graag een kansje voor de roze.

  3. Count me in these are like candy for my eyes :). I would have a hard time to choose...

  4. oh please count me in too, love the pink, but maybe there will be a red one too? because you are the queen of red to me! x julia

  5. ja, graag!
    het + ook bij mij regelmatig terugkerend
    als herinnering + te zijn

    geen Facebook
    maar ik vind je wel 2x leuk

  6. yellow one is just what is needed on a cold grey melbourne day to cheer me up :)


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