Learning and patience.

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After the total crash of my computer..the first post from my laptop. I'm figuering out how everything is working.I'm not used to this and it costs me a lot of hours to place these photo's on my blog.So I hope these pictures look good on your computers! I have to kallibrate my camera and laptop,I think. Let me now :-) It's like learning in school again :-) I don't even know how to copy anymore..hihi.Have patience with me,soon it will be better! These works are coming in different little books which I'm preparing right now.They will arrive in my shop soon!

4 reacties:

  1. image 1 i just love to pieces.

    total crash of your notebook? eeeeeek!
    will come to the rescue!!!
    shall we meet, yeah?

    1. Yeah>>>>like to meet you,guys ;-)
      Come and rescue me ...!!!

      Jippiee,for youe nice compliment!

  2. lovely as always. i love the house in the clouds!

  3. Thank you,Swinkie!Nice to see you here again. It's a long time ago :-)
    The house in the clouds I made for my little books.


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