Fresh !

House in the stars.
It's been a while, I think one week.. so I thought i have to make a fresh new start :) I changed some things on my make it more quiet in here.

When I was little I was often in dreams and I looked up at night from my bedroom window at the stars. Then I thought that our house was standing in the stars..oh I could look for hours ! Made this work for the shop.
Unfortunately I have a 2 weeks cold, snotty, and it just will not go away. It is such a weird weather. Yesterday it was warm and today a lot colder.But between the sniffles, I got a nice message last week that my shop is in Flavourites! Read more here. I'm sorry it's written in Dutch.
   For you all, a fresh start on Monday !

2 reacties:

  1. bell's coming to flavourites on nov. 20th, i'll tell her to go looking for your stall, shall i? are you there? because i'll be in town, but probably not on the fair...
    congrats already, creative sista, and good luck!!!

  2. Hi Nadine, I'm not on the fair either :)
    But my shop is on their page.

    I hope Bell has a nice time overthere,I have to work at the Design academy.
    haha,i like that ...creative sista.


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