Love this artwork of Debbie Smyth !!

My passion for thread art is even more increased since I've discoverd this work ! Debbie Smyth,living in The U.K, makes such amazing,intense and dedicated projects..just unbelievable !! Yes,threads and pinns.
She's still doing this by herself and sometimes when she has too large projects..her boyfriend is helping her out. I love also her big drawings on the wall...Lots of workhours are in those drawings,first to draw on the wall ,then smashing in the pinns and then Debbie can start winding those threads around those pinns. Look at her website here and her blog, so you can see her at work on different of her art projects.

5 reacties:

  1. Gorgeous! I especially like the first one!

    Happy, happy weekend to you, Stephie x

  2. ja, ja
    té mooi en fijn
    ook ik een fan!

  3. wow. absolutely gorgeous. just finding your for the first time. such lovely things here.

  4. die onderste fotos ( vogels ) GEWELDIG!

  5. Ha Elianne, ja prachtige,hè..
    Zo jammer dat ik niet zo goed op je blog kan,het duurt heel lang voordat de foto's zich laden.
    Dankjewel voor jou bezoekje :0


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