Beautiful gifts.

 I wanna thank you all for your lovely,kind wishes ! I got quite a bit red ears when I read it sweet of you all! I think I need to print these words then frame them and hang them on the wall. For when I pick up doubts..just to remember this happy moment :) Yes, I'm a positive person but I have also doubts, like everyone else I think. So people,this gift came from the sky,quite unexpectedly !!
And if it was not enough I also received a large package with such awesome treasures...stonished again!! Beautiful,very fragile animals from paper cut. All animals of the Chinese zodiac.I got more, special paper,felt,perfume,this little bag(above) .....It was a big make-happy-package with a lovely letter from my niece Cheryl. She draws,still has no blog or website but when she has one I will show you because her drawings have a typical sense of humor. Thank you Cheryl!

( oh,i'm gonna give my blog a little face the next few weeks i'm playing around a bit,to try things out )

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