Some inspiration !

Louise Bourgeois.
Also Louise Bourgeois.
Katie Thompson look here
and in progress look here
It's not finished yet..but i'm working on it :)
I have more products to put on and also more pages,like news,portfolio,blog.
It's working you can order if you want a nice present for someone :)

What do you think..just let me know.

4 reacties:

  1. forget my musings on etsy, miss ingrid. your personal site being far more personal... ;)

  2. wat een fijne inspiratie
    alle drie!
    en jouw nieuwe pagina
    met al die fijne werkjes die uit hun envelope piepen, heeeeeeel fijn!
    je bent goed bezig

  3. I always love Louise! and your site is a knock out! I will be perusing it now I know it's there :)

  4. I will check each time I visit x I love that bed in a case.


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