Stitched and Fleur Boonman.

My work
My work
I'm working on this one..mixed media.

Few weeks ago i finished those embroidered ones (the two above) . I searched for a stretching way that is ok for me. And i'm glad it turned out this way! In the meantime I started the mixed media one ...which looks still this way ;) Too busy with my own shop..which i'm very excited about! It's nearly finished..nearly.

If you love photography I have something for you! Years ago, I visited her. She was living in Antwerpen and studied Art at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. We both studied and talked about our passion photography. Her pictures where gorgeous, she had a typical view and she was typical ;) Full of life and travelling. We worked together with a mutual friend to set up a film...which was shown....years and years later. In the meantime we lost sight, she travelled and travelled and lives in Indonesia now.
But she has been busy. I discoverd it by accident...her film is coming out!!!!

It's called  ' Portable life ' With Rutger Hauer and Ell-june Henrard !

First it will be shown in Belgium at the 7 september at the International Film Festival in Oostende and then in the cinemas. Well, you don't wanna miss this because I know that she will show us beautiful film images/story with a photographic eye !! I cannot wait!

4 reacties:

  1. Ingrid, these are so wonderful!!

  2. Thank you,Kathryn.Not everyone loves the abstract works.So i'm glad you like it!

  3. rutger hauer!
    exciting to await a film by someone you know. i'll be looking forward to this.
    and yes. wonderful work. subtle, subtle.

  4. Hi Nadine,well i love the way Fleur get things done.I had to laugh so hard when i saw his name on the film :) I thought yes,nothing is impossible!
    Thanks for commenting my's always difficult to show abstract work. So i'm very glad you like it!


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