Flowers route to studio.

A few days ago I realized that I have quite a nice walking route over to my studio.
Sometimes you're so into your head that you forget to look at the environment.
Time to bring out the camera!

The last picture is of my dog Limuna (laying under my working table), hmm I think she is a bit bored and sometimes she lets out a deep sigh. (Would she have learned it from me?)
As if to say:͵͵Aren't you done with whatever you are doing?"

Have a nice week-end everyone ! Take care of your flowers :)


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  1. Oh Oh lucky you... how beautiful, the colour and joy! Also lovely to meet pretty Limuna (what type of canine is she?)

  2. Yes Ingrid, you certainly do! They are so beautiful, especially the hydrangeas - my favourites!

    Happy weekend to you, Stephie x

  3. Hi Swinkie,it's the lucky route :)Limuna is a Canadia/Swiss white sheperd.I'm glad she's at our home because she had not a good time before.

    Hi Stephie,i had to look up what hydranga means in Dutch :) aha it's hortensia in you also learned a Dutch word.

  4. beautiful root you taking. It is wonderful to take a second look and to find beauty on what becoming a routine and an habit.
    Limuna indeed looks at abit bored, or in deep thought...:-)

    by the way- love this bigger size pic, mooi post...;-)

  5. wat een fijne route om te lopen!

    van die fijne oude huizen
    toen ik in Amsterdam liep en foto's maakte
    realiseerde ik me weer
    dat waar ik woon alles nieuw is
    en recht....

    fijne week!

  6. Hi Hagar,well i think :) maybe the pictures are too big..I have some things to try on my make it more..i dont know.

    Hoi Patrice,ja dit zijn wel mooie straatjes waar ik door moet,gelukkig bestaan deze nog.
    Jij ook een fijne week.

    Hallo Nadine,jaja ben hard bezig in mijn atelier,brief komt nog :)

  7. the walk gorgeous....your dog....devine!!!

  8. you certainly have a beautiful walk to your studio Ingrid....

  9. Dear Amy, don't you want a print of my dog on your textiles ;)

    Hi Karen,thank you have a studio at home?

  10. je hond ziet er zo lief en zacht uit! En leuk dat je je plots zo bewust wordt van de schoonheid die je eigenlijk elke dag tegenkomt :)

  11. Hoi Jokemijn,Limuna is inderdaad vreselijk lief,zacht van vacht en van karakter.Yep, ik zat teveel in mijn denk en oplosmodule :)


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