New work and studio peak.

Some students of the Design Academy did their mid-terms..i think they are sleeping for 3 days :-)
Other designers in our studio building are preparing for an exhibition.
Artists came back from exhibition abroad.
I like that those days when you hear stories about work,experiences of exhibitions,travelling stories.
Have to re-write my own.....

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  1. How lucky to be surrounded by other artists and hear differing perspectives. Sometimes I miss that, being so isolated in my own little space. Hope you were inspired!

  2. Hi Kathryn, i know that isolated feeling..i had that for 10 years..because i thought i would be disturbed when i have a studio with other people in one building. I had to move but i never thought it would be that nice!

  3. Love your studio. You are lucky to have one...My studio is shared with 2 very demanding little roommates..;-)

    I wonder how the new is going to look like?

  4. How lovely to be surrounded by fellow creative souls and share your stories! I love the orange mug in the photo. Happy weekend, Stephie x

  5. same here, the mug! special!
    i can also imagine how the artists amongst one another rub off on one another. the inspiration. i'd be scared, initially, to lose authenticity, but the reverse happens, i suppose. so happy for you...

  6. Dear Hagar,this is my new studio.The older one i had to move out,it was bigger but i think afterwards i was too long alone :)

    @ is very lovely..and they are from different ages..i like that too!

    @ think it won't happen to me because i can still be in my own world.And everyone is..and we don't judge..we are curious at eachother works and have respect.

  7. Lovely find and lovely blog! Students can be so inspiring and I think they can often refresh old and tired creatives!! LOL! Like me!

  8. Dear red road design,thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely compliments!
    Well,our building is mixed not only students of the Design Academy but also designers,artists(painting,photographer,sculpturer,illustrator) and architects.Everyone can pick something to learn..much choice ;)


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