New cards.

Sorry for the unregular post this week,it's really busy around here.
Thank you new followers for visiting my blog!

Between the busy schedules i made some new cards for our little shop (no shippingcosts)
You can view them in Once in a blue moon
Last week when it was so hot, i put my dog Limuna some glasses on.
She walked with her glasses through our garden for a few minutes.
It was odd to see that...i wish i could hear her thinking !
She was defenitly thinking "my boss is crazy that she wants to see everything in an other color" :)
When the glasses felt on the ground she sniffed with her nose on it,turned to me,put her paw on my lap,licked her lips as if she would say, " i was sweet so give me a candy,now"
Yes,i did :)

2 reacties:

  1. Hi Ingrid! I love the new cards! I bet the dog wondered what on earth was going on! It's really cold here now - I would love some summer weather. Happy Friday to you, Stephie x

  2. she may have wanted you to put those glasses back on, no? star!


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