A give away!


I designed these lovely two by hand.
Hope you'll like them.
The are double foulded..so you can write on the inside.
You only have to write in your comment : why you like them or why you need them :)
And of course you get them with envelope so you can send them right away!
**You can register till next Friday!**


8 reacties:

  1. Jeetje Ingrid, wat heb je dat zorgvuldig gedaan. Alleen al heel mooi om naar te kijken.

  2. i don't need one, but ingrid, do i LOVE them!!!
    maak er zo maar méér, lovey, dit is klasse!
    and quirky..

  3. Hi Ingrid - I don't really need them either but they are so lovely - I would like to enter. It's always good to have spare cards on hand isn't it?! Stephie x

    PS If I am not eligible because I live overseas I will understand :)

  4. Mmm... Why I need them? well, why I need anything beautiful...?:-)
    wonderful give away..:-)

  5. Wat zijn ze lief, zulke mooie bloemetjes, zo schattig. En tsja, nodig heb ik ze niet, maar ze zijn zo lief om naar te kijken :)

  6. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    oh I like them very much! I need them to write to my friend who is very far far away.
    Pepper x

    (blogger won't let me comment as me today, I am pepperstitches.com.au!)

  7. Thank You all..this week-end i'm going to pick the winner!

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