Beautiful art of Beili Liu !

Red Thread Legend Series
Photo by Blue
Photo by Rino Pizzi     The Mending Project 2011
Photo by Tina Chang     Encirclement.

Really love her work!
It's amazing precise and sensitive her art is.
So when she has her exhibition in Muchen ,i will try to get there and take a look with my own eyes !

By the way,when i read her statement i recognized a lot especially the part about contradictory value systems.
(i have also an Asian & Western part in me..for the people who didn't know this)
It is this part where i always struggele with and therefore it was a surpise and also a relieve to read this.

Look for Beili Liu here !

9 reacties:

  1. waow waow waow !!!!! uncredible !!!! thank you for us to know this artist !

  2. mooi zeg...die bovenste doet me denken aan jouw poppyfields!

    (oh, en jij blaft ook vaak hoor, op jouw manier ;) daar hou ik ook heel erg van!x)

  3. i also love this work yhank you for the discovery

  4. @ Sophie..Ja,dat had ik ook meteen..ik zal nu wel een poppyfield periode hebben :)

  5. @ likeschocolate...thanks for visiting.

  6. adorable!
    thank you!

  7. wow, these are really very amazing! They bring about so many feelings and connections.


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