A special day....

Admitting some strange pictures had been taken by me :)
Luckily it was the battery of my camera which was broke nothing technical..pfft i'm so relieved about that!

The first picture is the new card i'm working on..i had to make some again.
The trigger was that today it would be the birthday of my mum ...she loved  those cards. Made them a lot when she was ill.She loved the color and the simpleness of it and she wanted make them together with me if she got better...
I'm always satisfied when i'm working on those..it's so differently from making new artworks.

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  1. Beautiful cards and even more beautiful making them on a special day. I hope today was okay for you. It's hard on their birthday's isn't it? Hugs! I hope you hold onto these.

  2. Patrice A.March 03, 2011

    Vandaag denk ik aan jou en je 'special day' als ik de kaarsen brand....

  3. The cards are beautiful, the colors and the softness they brings. I hope your doing OK today.
    It is hard. I keep you in my thought today..

  4. beautiful embroidery Ingrid. The top picture is my favourite.

  5. Well,i was ok..it was nice to take time and to remember.When i was working on that postcard it felt really good. Thank you for your support :)
    I appreciated it!

  6. een leuke herinnering aan je moeder, ze zou het vast fijn vinden dat je ze blijft maken voor andere mensen, en af en toe ook eentje voor haar.

  7. well, yeah. i was really looking hard into the first picture... a card, huh? i like your style, ingrid. what am i saying?
    ik hou ervan!!!

  8. @ jokemijn...ja ik denk het ook wel.Maar door drukte vergeet ik dat de textiele kaarten ook rust geven,gek hè ?

    @ woolf..haha,dank je wel! Ook een mooi compliment!


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