Work and some studio's in our building.

New work with stitches.

A view from upstairs.

It's a week ago that i wrote something here,sorry,it was a busy week.
Last  week-end there was an Open studio day in the building.
We have a lot of designers,visual artists and some architects working in this beautiful old school building of the 1930's.
So i took  pictures of some different studio's ..i wish i could rent them ;)
Mine is a lot smaller and not so perfect, neat and clean as those above.
Hmm,but for me it's perfect !

The new work i made is a part of the building..i like these forms, lines etc.
It's the opposite of my last work....strange how it can go...

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  1. wauw, die deuren, die ramen, wat een mooie plek. Ik zou ook een tikje jaloers worden. Maar ik ben blij dat je ook een leuke plek voor jezelf gevonden hebt.

  2. What a beautiful work environment... all the best for a productive 2011

  3. It looks perfect to me!!! Gorgeous space!!

  4. I can understand how that architecture could influence your work, amazing building! Lucky you!

  5. Ooooh!
    Het is echt prachtig!!
    Die ruimten, deuren, ramen, alles eigenlijk.
    Ik ben jaloers.

    P.S. Ik vind je nieuwe werk erg fijn!!

  6. happy new year, Ingrid! these images of the building space are gorgeous. i wish i could see your stitch work up close and in person. the way the lines meet with the windows makes me think of a house that is wavering between being 2-d and 3-d, and like you are both inside and outside of it at the same time. is the solid blue object on the left part of the work?

  7. @ Jokemijn..ja mooi hè..ik raak wel geinspireerd als ik bij ze binnen stap.

    @Swinkie..yes the environment is great and for me it's a long time ago because i worked for years this is an inspiring change!

    @ Sophie Truong..Thank you for visiting me :) and i like your work and blog !

    @Kathryn.. i saw it back in all the pictures i took a while ago of the building i only photographed,lines,planes,squares :)

    @ Patrice..ik ben ook jaloers hoor..maar zij zitten met meerder mensen in zo'n ruimte.Ik zitin een klaslokaal maar ben blij dat ik af en toe binnen mag wippen.Dankjewel voor het compliment over mijn werk = fijn om te horen!

    @ Mien..I'm glad you like it ! see what i mean with these stitches! Thanks for your extensive feedback..means a lot to me!!I'm working on some more of these.And yes the solid blue object is part of the work if i put it away then it's too clean for me and the relation between the light-blue stitches is gone then.

  8. ooooh! making me very, very curious...
    'ik zit in een klaslokaal'... oh my, wat ik zou geven om nog even in zo'n plek te toeven, terwijl ik creatief heen en weer hop...
    [but changes in da house though! am switching bedroom for studio, yep.]
    nu ga ik nog even verder scrollen op je blogje!

  9. really perfect!

    ps. aargh! you should see my tables, in my kitchen and in my tiny study.

    enjoy of the weekend!


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