Some new photoworks which i'm working on.

© Ingrid van den Brand

© Ingrid van den Brand

© Ingrid van den Brand

Inspired by my Sushi-book pictures the whole week i saw ;
little things,shapes,lines,forms,colors.
I think i love those tiny things more than i knew.
Looking at details that's making me happy.
The last picture is a bit absurd but i like that also :)
The title of this one i'm thinking of is.." Life is like a sausage "

Cannot wait to finish them !

9 reacties:

  1. aparte stillevens, hoor.
    heb wel zin in een stukje salami nu...
    ('t is dan ook middag)

  2. life is like a sausage, hahah... "just hanging there for no reason at all..."

  3. interesting images
    (if you like details
    come pay me a visit
    and play monday mystery object
    you could win!)

    sorry for the plug
    linda x

  4. ¦ Woolf..and did you eat ?

    ¦ Sophie..¦:)

    ¦ Linda..ok, i will pay you a visit..but i can play only on monday ?

  5. yes, let´s eat it!

    love this!

  6. Great photos. I'm particularly liking the sausage photo and title!

  7. All are great ... the sausage one reminds me of the sausage like pieces Eva Hesse made, because of the absurdity of the shape.

  8. ¦Haha..Ritva..i just thought the same!

    ¦thank you Blue china Studio..i read on your blog what you're wondering at the moment ;)

    ¦ Kathryn, i never heard of her so it's nice to search for her work.Thnks!

    ¦ Dank je,Elianne.


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