Love her work.

Love her work has a humorous twist.

Her name is Hagar Vardimon and she runs Happy Red Fish .
But she makes different work, not only embroidery.. drawings,collages, plush etc.
I think she is a multi-talented person.
(how i know ? she is also helping me out with my website..because i'm a dummie in those things :)

So look for yourself on her blog or here!

7 reacties:

  1. very lovely indeed. i love the humour.
    curious now what your website is going to look like? spannend!!
    happy valentine, ingrid!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Dear Ingrid,
    Thanks for posting about my stuff!
    I’m so glad you like it...
    +your site will be perfect really soon...:-)
    Thank you again!

  3. I really like your blog and have passed on a ’stylish blog’ award to you :-)

  4. Ik ook, ik ook!
    Ik vind haar werk ook fijn!!

  5. @ Hagar..oh you're welcome..well i do like a lot more of your makings.Also your sketchbook and your cards ! So i'm curious what you will make now :)

    @ Thanks Amy..i am honoured and I have to think about it becuase i don't know much about this ;)

    @ bent een lieverd! ben je al begonnen met "gewoon doen"?

  6. @ Woolf..oh ik was valentijn gewoon vergeten.jij ook fijne Valentijn..beetje laat :)
    Ja heel spannend ;) ..nieuwe prikkels!!


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