Lovely post....

Just before New Years Day i got this lovely post ! 
From Nadine ( Woolfenbell )
Such beautiful cardboards with thread tied around.
My fingers had to feel the thread over and over again.
I also love those french characters printed on the carton it make me think of Paris. At the time the roads were built with cobblestones.
Cannot wait to make something with it but on the otherhand i'm a bit nervous to use it :)
Thank you Nadine...I'm really glad with those treasures!!

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  1. okay, i seem to have lost my previous comment. here goes again! i am so happy you got them alright! you have made pretty pictures, i bow my head, i am honoured.
    all the best of luck with them, i know you will put them to the best possible, well thought through, use!
    ♥ nadine

  2. Wat een fijne post!
    En alles zo mooi!!
    Bij jou in goede handen.
    Ben wel een beetje jaloers....


  3. That IS lovely! And I hope that you had a great New year, and a wonderful 2011.

  4. beautiful gifts! I hope you are well x

  5. What a wonderful gift! Those threads do look lovely. I can't wait to see them show up in your work!

  6. thank you !!!
    love your work !!!
    have a sweet week end !


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