** Terrific Tuesday ** Kaija Rantakari

 I didn't know what I saw when I landed on her blog.
All these unbelievable matchboxes.
So small,with beautiful treasures in it,handmade or found.
Not only this but also....

Beautiful hand-bound books.

O, and...
also necklaces.
In all her work is so much sensitivity.
I love those matchboxes, so precisely made !

A beautiful train of thoughts of her ;

 " I started making the matchboxes as a fun little project some years ago. I had just started at a new job and found that being creative after a long day at work was really difficult. So I decided to make something tiny, every day, until I could find the balance between work and creative work again. I first made a matchbox a day for sixteen days. Later I began to miss to little pieces of art and began making them again, this time as gifts for my foreign friends. I wrote them letters in Finnish, a language that none of those friends could understand. I wanted to share my deepest thoughts, but still be able to hide behind something, the language barrier. I wrote apologies, love letters, confessions, or just something about my everyday life or a story I just made up or remembered. I wanted to feel closer to those far away. And from that idea the project started to develop. I want to share a little something about myself with strangers; I want to create something beautiful and affordable; I want to have a routine of creating and sharing. So I now try to create a matchbox every week and post it on my blog and Etsy shop (if it's for sale) on a Monday. I call this my Letters to You -project. Most of the matchboxes have a message of some sorts inside them, a letter, a poem, or rearranged words or sentences from vintage books, but some are wordless, filled with other kind of meaning."

Take a journey through her blog called Paperiaarre and her shop !


15 reacties:

  1. thank you so much for sharing ingrid!
    wonderful tiny things!
    I love to look at work that seems to be totally
    contrarily to my own stuff.

  2. Oh my these are beautiful and delicate.

  3. i'm with you, seriously cute work and great statement...

  4. Oooooh....!
    En wat een fijn idee: elke dag iets kleins te maken. Misschien iets voor mij, want ook ik zoek nog steeds naar een balans tussen opdrachten en eigen werk....

  5. Oh wow! These are stunning! And her attention to detail is incredible. Thanks for sharing her work, I'm now a fan!

  6. thanks for this lovely post- i love the work she makes. :)

  7. you clever lady!
    where do you find these people!
    i didn´t know her, well done!

    dear friend, my computer is done and i´m going to a little trip with my daughter- so i think i will have to buy a new computer after the trip- see you then again- take care!

  8. Thank you so much for sahring this; her work is quite amazing! I really wouldn't know what to choose... :)

  9. Kaija is a very dear friend of mine and her work is exquisite. She deserves this tribute.

  10. thank you (for the proposals, the comments, the beauty you collect and share), all the best to you, wholeheartedly

  11. Wow! Geweldig mooi...heerlijk om zulke kleine lieve dingetjes te hebben!

  12. indeed it is terrific! these are all fantastic :)

  13. yes, paperiaare is amazing, as much her work as her philosophy. thx for reminding me of her work, i had forgotten a little, but she is now, again found!

  14. oh how beautiful and delicate. Absolutely delightful! :)


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