Views from my new/old studio.


I'm a bit relieved that I told about my parents ,yesterday.
Because you do not want to seem pathetic on the other hand it's something that is also in my head.
But your reactions where lovely,thanks for that!
Now I can show little treasures that I've got or learned from them :)

Here some views from my old/new studio.It's a schoolbuilding from the 1930's.
There is also a new rebuild part, only I didn't want to sit overthere ,mostly designers are sitting on the new part of the building now.
For me, I like the atmosphere of the old part! Only it's also a lot of work to make it nice.
Do you see the windows...all squares :)  I was really laughing when it dawned on me.

In the evening I treated myself with some square embroidery.

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4 reacties:

  1. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful studio! I can't wait to see it once you're settled in. I love the squares embroidery, especially with the context of the windows. Lovely!

  2. @ thanks Kathryn..I think it takes a while before I do well in it :)
    About the squares it looks as if I have an obsession with it.
    thank you for following..I appreciate it!

  3. wow!
    looks wonderful- there must be great light!

  4. the new studio looks wonderful! i love the windows and that cabinet!


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