Playing with threads of my embroidery.

I'm not completely satisfied with this one. At first I added only the red but there was missing something.
So I tried what it's like if I weave white cotton through it.
Afterwards when I saw this I thought it would be better if I didn't fill it with red. It's too much.
That's why I have to make the same one without filling it.
Well, now I know !

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  1. oh, I love this one... the red is good !!!

  2. i like it when the work starts to talk- give you answers- i´m sure there´s not only one right answer- but you have to do the way you feel it´s ok. well, we have talked about this :)

    anyway- well done!

  3. denk je?
    ik vind het rood toch wel iets hebben, hoor!

  4. Mooi dat abstracte met die fasering in vakjes!
    Ja soms moet je er aldoende achter komen he. Ik vind het rood wel heel mooi, maar het overheerst wel..

  5. I like it so far. I think it does help that you added the white into the red. To me, that's the best part about the process. You do something and you have to respond to it. There's a balance that is constantly challenged. Just remember, it all goes back to that first idea you had when you started. How can you respond to the original idea? But, I love it so far!

  6. I like the red, to me it's a very special balance in this work.
    but I know the wonderful moment when your art work starts to "talk" and you get the feeling just to know what to do. I try to make pictures after a painting/sculpturing day, the next day I change al lot and after some more days I realize that the first day-work, was the best....

  7. ohh, nice all these experiences you share with me!
    thank you all so very much!


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