Last week I found my ..

diary about my trip to China !
When I saw the front of this little book  I remembered why I  had chosen it.
Look at this print,so simple !
Also I realized that I mostly use these three colours in my embroidery now.
This lady is always in my mind if my memories go back.
Maybe I will look like her if I am very old :)..with those big glasses because I can't see enough anymore.
(I wrote a bit about China on my blog..just click on memory of China if you want to see the pictures)

** Terrific Tuesday ** tomorrow.
Don't forget the give-away ..the hand embroidered little house !

3 reacties:

  1. Yes, a beautiful print on the cover. What a beautiful lady in concentration. She is wearing beautiful blues. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  2. oh wow, thanks so much for your wonderful comment! i will most definitely check out the giveaway! your work is so fantastic :)

  3. @ Julie..yes it was wonderful..and I discoverd a bit of my roots,that's double :)

    @ Ella..thanks for your compliment. You make me very happy !


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